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Do you want you and your friends/family members to learn the guitar as a unit? I teach online group guitar lessons to all ages. If you’re looking specifically for online group guitar lessons for adults, I’m down for that, too. Learning as a group can drive motivation and make the Zoom guitar lessons even more satisfying. Seeing your buddies or family members excel can also make you want to learn better. While one-on-one sessions with me are always sufficient, sometimes adding social components to your guitar lessons can make all the difference, especially if you’re a beginner and would like to feel that you belong to a unit to perform better. People have different skill sets and thresholds for motivation, and I’d like to accommodate those capacities as much as possible as a professional online guitar teacher.

The SOP for most people interested in learning guitar is to take private guitar lessons. You may have had your guitar or other instrument lessons in the past. If you haven’t, you probably know someone who has. However, it’s worth noting that private lessons aren’t the only choice, and they’re not “the” best choice for some music students. Some students of the guitar need a group learning system to flourish. In the case of the guitar, they’d need online group guitar lessons.

While most music teachers and schools focus on either private, some offer both, like me! Thus, deciding whether you’d prefer one-on-one guitar lessons on Zoom or online group guitar lessons for adults is necessary to get the best results.

What are the Benefits of Online Group Guitar Lessons?

Online Group Guitar Lessons Are Engaging and Fun!

When learning guitar in a group setting, students are exposed to a wider variety of activities than they would be in private lessons. As a result, they naturally progress in their ability to work together as an ensemble. It’s not uncommon for one student to play the riff, more chords, and yet another the bass line in a musical group.

Guitar solos are sometimes offered to intermediate players. However, all students, no matter their level, will benefit from hearing their part in its proper context. Sometimes, taking private lessons can feel like shooting penalties into an empty net. If a class is limited to just the instructor and student, it would be impossible to adequately cover all of the musical ground the class might cover.

Students can interact with one another, meet new people, and hone their musical abilities by working in groups.

Music-making has always been something that brings people together. It’s a fun way to mingle and form bonds with others. You may be already familiar with this if you have participated in similar activities, like practicing singing in a choir or chanting at a game. Even singing “Happy Birthday” to a celebrant ignites that special feeling of fun with music.

Enjoy Some Friendly Competition with Online Group Guitar Lessons for Adults!

To compete in a friendly manner. The desire to “not be the worst” is a mild form of competition that can surface in group settings. Competing with others in a friendly manner can be a great source of motivation, so there’s no harm in engaging in some healthy competition.

Learn With Peers

When you’re in a group learning setting, you can observe how they interact with the material, and, who knows, you might pick up a nugget of insight that helps you better understand it yourself. You can also learn a lot from other people’s questions. Possibly, they’ll pose a question to the instructor that you would never have thought of.

Learn and Play Music with A Group or Band

The experience of playing with the “ebb and flow” of a real band is something bedroom guitarists don’t get to enjoy because they don’t play in time. It takes a lot of practice to become a competent band member. It’s crucial to practice effective communication and learn to play “tight.” No matter how many hours you put in with a metronome in your room, it won’t help you sound professional when you finally join a band. Unless you regularly perform with other musicians, you won’t get very good at this until you do.

Group Lessons Are Often More Budget Friendly

The cost of guitar lessons can add up quickly but taking part in a group is usually better on the budget.

The price of music lessons varies widely based on factors such as the instructor’s expertise, the instrument being studied, and the student’s location. One thing we know for sure, though, is that compared to private guitar lessons, online group guitar classes are much more cost-effective.

Some People Learn Better with a Group

Based on my experience instructing private and group guitar lessons, I can say that online guitar lessons for adults are more successful, especially if the students know each other and most players are driven to learn and have fun.

Conversely, people who are naturally reserved may find this to be a bit overwhelming. I advise giving online group guitar lessons a shot, if possible, as they can be an excellent way for students to gain the self-assurance that will serve them well in musical performance and other areas of life. Of course, you can constantly shift to one-on-one guitar lessons if you need to.

Students (Especially Beginners) Can Measure Their Capacity and Progress in a Group Setting

Students gain perspective, gain knowledge from others, and can more accurately assess their progress when participating in group guitar lessons.

Individualized and conducted at your own pace, private lessons are invaluable. On the other hand, one-on-one online guitar lessons for beginners have major drawbacks because it is tailored to your needs and move at your pace.

It may seem contradictory. Individual lessons can benefit more advanced players but can be counterproductive for beginners. Unless the lesson is fixed, the student has no idea how quickly or slowly they are progressing. Students in a group setting can better gauge their performance by comparing it to that of their peers.