This program is designed to give kids a break from the normal practice routine without losing the momentum they’ve gained during the rest of the year. Following the book blast material we will gather all the students for a Rock Band Jam Session putting all their hard earned skills to work in a fun and exciting performance. How fun!     

It’s a 4-day camp that meets for 2 hours each day. It focuses on learning new material, passing it, and then reviewing through the use of games and musical showcases. On top of that, we spend the extra time doing creative activities that really stretch the music muscles and end the day with a big rock performance! The many benefits to this summer program:           

  • Kids love the fact that they don’t have to practice at home during this week… They come to the camp, practice with me, and then relax for the rest of the day! 
  • It’s the right balance of work and play… each hour is divided up into group interaction, learning new songs, review games, and a jam session. 
  • I’ve found that two hours of games, creativity, and a musical performance is “just right”             
  • Students really stretch their creative muscles… we learn theory, concepts, sight reading, songs, improvisation, and how to play in a band… we also have fun with ear training, and games such as music hangman (a favorite that students always ask for!) 
  • I’ve seen students move through 8 weeks of material in just four days… Students feel a huge boost of confidence and motivation for making BIG gains in such a small amount of time!             

The Book Blast/Rock Band summer camp is perfect for students of all ages, levels, and instrumentation. They can learn all the material with me and practice without ever having to take them home!            

This summer camp will meet for two hours from 10 AM – 12 PM Monday to Thursdays starting next week. It will go on every week until school begins. Please let me know which weeks you would like to attend. 

Cost: TBD

Location: Music Turista Rehearsal Studios

Address: 1885 NE 149th St, North Miami, FL 33181

Hope you can attend!

All the best, 


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